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Jamie is the founder of Blue Momentum Coaching, now an integral part of the Essential Business Service Model.

Married with two teenage daughters he resides on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Jamie has a Business degree in Accounting and Economics, obtained through Monash University. He is a certified practitioner of coaching with studies in NLP, Deep State Re-patterning, Meta Dynamics, Ultimate Influence, Public Speaking and the highly regarded Thought Dynamics. He is also a member of the International Coach Guild (ICG).

Prior to establishing Blue Momentum Coaching and Essential Business services, Jamie ran a number of his own businesses as well as working in several others. Many of these were greenfield operations while others were the result of successful acquisitions. Jamie’s role in these businesses included being a Financial Controller, Sales Manager, Product Manager, IT Manager, Marketing Manager and Operations Manager. Undeniably his experience has been extensive and varied. All the businesses he has worked in have been very successful enterprises and many still remain that way today.

Jamie attributes ‘a feeling’ that something was missing in his life, despite all of the external outward success, which lead him to the study of Human Behaviour and ultimately to this new found occupation and life as a business and personal coach.

 Jamie has utilised and combined his vast and deep business knowledge with his love for seeing businesses and people grow, to create Blue Momentum Coaching. He now lives what he calls the ‘life of his dreams’ and would only be too happy to share his thoughts on how you can do the same


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